Our Mission

As a social and service organization of the propane gas industry, our mission is simple.

Foster and sustain personal and professional relationships among all members of the propane gas industry.

That leaves a lot of room for interpretation.  We are always open to your ideas.


The Young Gassers is 100% member supported through contributions made by individuals and corporate sponsors, like yourself. Your contributions help to support our welcome receptions, networking outreach programs & marketing efforts aimed at providing value for all of our members, young and not so young alike.

This value comes in the form of new sales opportunities, lead generation and sharing helpful news, information and advise we can all use in our daily operations or professional careers.


Being a member of the YG is not simply an acknowledgement that we are a member of the propane gas industry. Membership allows us an opportunity to strengthen the ties that bind us together in the propane community; to become a community. Take a look around. Become a member. Become a Sponsor. When you get involved in our industry it brings us all closer together, to be more effective and to  help expand our marketplace. Sign up for our E-mail distribution list, and get involved with your association.

2018 Gold Level Sponsors

2018 Platinum Level Sponsors

ATLANTA, GA — We’d like to thank everyone who attended our reception this year in Atlanta. We had a great turn-out.  Just under 300 people found their way over to Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a little fun and a truly stunning view of this new facility from field level.  We look forward to seeing everyone again next year. Until then, thanks for all your support!


31st Annual Young Gassers Reception

Saturday April 13, 2019 - 7:30 PM - Midnight